St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Portsmouth NH

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Πατήστε την Ελληνική γλώσσα στην επιλογή γλωσσών για να μεταφραστεί η σελίδα στα Ελληνικά

Previous Iconography in St. Nicholas Church

Previous iconography was painted on the church iconostasis and on the walls over and behind the altar.

The iconography of the Last Supper, which is above the front of the altar, also has family significance to George.

It was painted by iconographer Stallios Maris, who was an associate of George's father.

George and Michael's own previous iconography in St. Nicholas also includes the large rotunda icons.

The inside of the dome was painstakenly painted with a large icon of Christ The Pantocrator (Almighty) in the center and icons of Old Testament prophets around the icon's circumference.

The rotunda for the icon measures 30 feet in diameter.

The rotunda is surrounded by windows to allow natural light to enter.

Other Previous Iconography

Theotokos with Christ Child, on the upper rear altar wall, completed in 1972.

The Cruxifiction (left) and the Resurrection (right), loacted on the front walls in the Nave, completed in 1986 by iconographer Shirley Kontaglou.